He met Barry Burton. Barry recruited him for the newly formed S.T.A.R.S. Now Chris has been reassigned to a smaller unit at Raccoon City headquarters to prove himself quickly. A tough guy who possesses both strong mental skills and great vitality, Chris has a great advantage with weapons when surrounded by many enemies.

A member of special tactics force S.T.A.R.S., Chris is tough with a will of iron and body of steel. He is good at handling firearms. A former Air Force pilot, he's a top-notch airman. After solving the "mansion incident," he transferred to Europe with his team members Jill Valentine and Barry to seek the truth.


Chris is the main male character in Resident Evil and also the harder option of the two main characters in the game. Personality wise, he does seem to come across as

Chris holds less items than Jill (6 instead of Jill's 8) and this makes the game harder. He also has to pick up one more key instead of using a Lockpick. Chris also has a partner with Rebecca Chambers, if that's good or bad is your call, but she is useful for giving you healing items when you need them. At one or two stages you may be required to play as Rebecca to do various tasks (getting serum or mixing chemicals).

Chris has returned in two later games, Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Version (Where he is a character in the Extreme Battle Mini-Game) and Resident Evil Code Veronica as one of the main characters of that. He has also been mentioned somewhere in every game so far apart from Survivor.

Also returning is Chris Redfield, Claire's brother. With no real clues given to us as to what he's been up to since leaving the other S.T.A.R.S. members in late August (his Epilogue file in RE3 said little-as did Jill's about Chris' hideout), he finds himself on a mysterious island after being given the info by Leon, who Claire contacted from Rockfort Island.

Chris is how most remember him. A strong character with attitude. Various skills he has come in common quite easily and you'll find he's a great change of character to play as for a while, and is for most the better highlight and part of the game of Code Veronica.

Chris seems to uncover a lot of secrets going on within the game, this probably has to do with him arriving late on the scene. The only problem is not everyone there is all that inviting, and that isn't including the zombies and other monsters around.

The additional scenes included for the Code Veronica re-release are often looked upon more for their inclusion of Wesker's goals and background, but the scenes also do build upon the background of Chris and Albert Wesker together in S.T.A.R.S. and the events from Resident Evil 1.